office knee

A redheaded woman knees a man in the balls in an office.

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Ballbusting comp

A series of ballbusting knees, kicks, punches, squeezes, and crushes!

See Tess Morgan tease and bust balls in this hot pov scene. She kicks and crushes his balls with her bare feet and finishes the dude off with a blowjob! See this barely legal ballbusting at Ballbusting Pornstars!

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Gonzo Girls busting

Various ballbusting attacks from the Gonzo girls.

These women have a gimp all to themselves. They take turns kicking and busting his balls with their leather boots. See just how much this slave can take at Kinky Kicks.

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A blonde domme kicks, stomps, and squeezes the balls of her slave.

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Blonde squeeze and kicks

A blonde woman busts the balls of a man by squeezing and kicking them ruthlessly.

See a ballbusting marriage councilor, she teases a man with a nice hot blowjob, a little pleasure and pain mixed together.

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Ugg busting

A blonde in ugg boots kicks, crushes, squeezes, and punches a man’s balls!

Visit this site with way hot ballbusting pornstars! You have to pay to see the videos but it’s worth it

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Itallian kicks

A series of kicks from an Italian woman!

Presley find a dirty panty snifer trolling around her place so she decides to teach him a ballbusting lesson! she delivers hard kicks and knees right to his balls and sends him to the ground. She breaks his nuts open right before she mangles his dick!

Check out this scene and more like it at Ballbusting Pornstars!

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Monster knee

A woman knees a monster in the balls!

A mixed bag of ballbusting scenes! Kicking, squeezing, slapping and a heap load of humiliation. These women crack their slave’s nuts right open with their assault! They beat those balls util they turn bright red. The slave has no choice but to take every bit of punishment while he’s restrained!

Check out this scene here!

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Tough lady bust

A tough woman stomps and kicks men in the balls.

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Ballbusting comp

Various ballbusting scenes that involve kicks, knees, punches, and crushes.

This crazy prankster has gotten more trouble than he bargained for when he messes with these women. They get his balls right where they want them and kick and knee them into oblivion. They even grab and claw his nuts until they turn dark red.

See this brutal nutbusting here!

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