Welcome testicle abusers and abusees! I’d shake your hand but right now Mistress has kicked me between the legs as hard as she can with her pointy stiletto heels and it crippled me to the ground! Both hands are clutching my painful swollen red balls. Don’t worry about how I’m writing this ballbusting blog entry in such condition.

My ballbusting blog is dedicated to beautiful women hurting men’s balls! A man experiences the ballbusting phenomenon when he is kicked, grabbed, squeezed, kneed, punched, or bit in the balls but this is not all ballbusting entails! No!

In order for your pain to count as true ballbusting the pain must have been caused by a beautiful superior woman! One that finds your pain amusing. Without these elements you’ve just done something stupid and deserve the pain you feel in between your legs.

Here at my ballbusting blog you’ll find examples of my favorite ballbusting babes! OK so right now I only know and love one ballbusting babe and that would be Vittoria. What a brutal cutie! If you know of any other worthy ballbusting babes please do leave a comment!