There is something very intimate when a woman puts her bare hands on your bare balls and this becomes even more true when said woman decides to cause you sexual testicle discomfort for her own twisted pleasure!

A naked chick is sitting on his legs so he can’t move at all and then she goes to town on his balls by slapping them HARD back and forth up and down. She puts both nuts in her hands and just squeezes as hard as her cute little arms will let her! It’s so adorable. Maybe he didnt think so by the sound of his screams.

What I like about when a woman slaps, squeezes, or grabs my balls is that I can tell she really wants to hurt me! To put her soft clean hands on my dirty balls just to cause me pain… my boner is rising.

I especially enjoy when the ball slapping, squeezing, grabbing lady has her pretty fingernails painted. I am partial to pink but as long as they look nice when those fingers are wrapping themselves around my balls then its good.